Could your packages be harmful to the environment? A helpful guide to shipping environmentally friendly

Since the world is changing around us and we are now aware about the impact that we have on our planet earth, it is time that we play our part and make the world a better place one step at a time starting with our shipping habits. Here are a few tips that can help you package your shipments more environmentally friendly.

  • Decreasing packing material waste – Rather than using filler papers are extra Styrofoam materials to provide security to our precious cargo try wrapping your fragile items in old newspaper or scrap paper and nestle it in between crumped scrap paper to ensure security. This can help you minimize the usage of plastic wrap and excess packing materials that are non-biodegradable.
  • Using Biodegradable materials in packing – These packing materials (packing peanuts, packing boxes and packages) are created using recycled materials as well as materials that can easily be disposed of rather than plastic materials which are essentially everlasting.
  • Keep size in mind – If you are shipping smaller packages opt for simpler recycled bags rather than big cardboard boxes which would utilize more space and require more filler packaging to ensure that your package isn’t damaged during transit.
  • Ship items in bulk – This would be a way of you helping your courier partner as they can have one shipment picked from your location or dropped off at the office and you can ship your packages together. Bulk shipments are also better for the environment as it allows you to ship better to your customers as well as play your part in bettering the environment.
  • Using what you have on hand – packaging is something unique to each brand if you choose to package your couriers sustainable we suggest that you use materials around the house, package your shipments in newspapers to give it a vintage look or utilize scrap fabric around the house to create cloth bags which would be a value-added bonus for your customers.
  • Schedule a pickup – Reduce your carbon footprint and opt for courier services that offer at-home pick up such as MXC which would pick up your packages from your homes saving you the wastage of fuel and the hassle of a drive to drop your package off at the courier’s office.

We hope that these tips prove fruitful the next time you are packing your packages and just remember MXC as your choice of delivery partner.


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