Five common mistakes you might be making while choosing a logistics partner

Five common mistakes you might be making while choosing a logistics partner

We know running a business isn’t easy so why make it even difficult by choosing the wrong logistics partner.

Here are 5 common mistakes you might be making while choosing a logistics partner

•             Choosing a relatively unknown company – Always check out the companies reviews and ask around from other people how their experience has been with the courier service that the company provides

•             Choosing a courier service based on price – Sometimes low prices don’t necessarily mean good service, always be wary of scams and frauds, so if the price seems too good to be true it just might be

•             Ignoring Professionalism – Look for red flags such as delay responses and acknowledgement as well as the overall mannerisms of the courier team, if the team seems unprofessional there is a high chance that the company might be unprofessionally as well

•             Not checking the location of the courier service – always check with your service providers if they have offices and warehouses available in the city that you want to send your parcels to, if not then you might be expecting certain delays and damages.

•             Not reading the fine print – Always read the Contracts and Agreements not just in the cases of a courier partner but also in general as they highlight certain aspects of the service that otherwise might not have been conveyed.

Now that you are aware of the few mistakes that you might be making, we would now like to introduce ourselves

We are MXC, we provide you with not just logistics services but also Door Step Pick up where you can hand over your products along with the shipping labels to our representative who will ensure that your delivery arrives at our warehouse safely and securely. What more is that we make it easy for our clients to make their accounts with us so that they can start their logistics journey with MXC some of the benefits that we offer our partners are No additional or hidden charges, GST inclusion in Delivery charges, No return or pick up charges as well as no rider or fuel charges.

We don’t just say that MXC- Your Delivery Partner, we ensure that we act as your delivery partner by making sure that we understand how important your customers are to you. Your business is our number 1 priority.


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